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    AO "The ORIGINAL PILOT" model of aviator sunglasses is the exact same as has been issued to U.S. military Pilots and aircrew since 1958 and still today.  These sunglasses are built to the military specification that was created in 1958 and since that time have been worn by tens of thousands of military personnel in the aviation community and military officers in general.  They also are the standard issue for NASA astronauts and even went to the Moon onboard the Apollo Moon missions.  A pair that went to the Moon is currently on display in the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum.  The frames are metal, the lenses are True Color neutral gray optical glass and the temples are of the bayonet style which makes them easy to put on and take off when wearing a helmet or headphones.  The lens width is 55mm which is appropriate for almost everyone.  Our AO sunglasses are acquired directly from

    "I began wearing AO "The ORIGINAL PILOT" aviator sunglasses in 1972 when I joined the Marines and have worn nothing since.  These sunglasses are very high quality and good enough to have gone to the Moon."  Ted Tedesco, Major USMC (Retired), & Owner - Survival Center Online