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Poster, U.S. Marine Corps Sniper


This poster is 22 x 28 inches and is printed on medium weight semi-gloss paper.  It is depicting a time past, possibly the late 1970's or early 1980's, in the history of the Marine Corps.  The poster shows a U.S. Marine Corps sniper team consisting of the sniper (to the right) and spotter (to the left).  Each Marine is wearing a ghillie suit.  As pictured, the ghillie suit would have been constructed using cotton/burlap camouflage strips woven into a net.  Each Marine would have constructed his own ghillie suit using materials of a color to blend into the terrain in which they would be operating.  The sniper is carrying an M40 rifle caliber 7.62 x 51mm.  A very lethal and potent combination that has taken down many enemies of the U.S.  The spotter would usually be armed with an M-16.  As a side note, the Marines qualify with the M16 out to a range of 500 yards.  It is fairly common to see a Marine hit a man sized target 10 for 10 times at this range firing from the prone position and using a standard issue M16.  Among the characteristics of the M40 rifle are:

Manufacturer: Specially trained armorers at Quantico, Virginia.

Length: 44 inches (111.76 centimeters)

Barrel length: 24 inches (61 centimeters)

Weight: 14.5 pounds (6.58 kilograms)

Bore diameter: 7.62mm (.308 inches)

Maximum effective range: 1000 yards (914 meters)

Muzzle velocity: 2550 feet (777 meters) per second

Chamber pressure: 50,000 psi

Magazine capacity: 5 rounds

Unit Replacement Cost: $2,105

Features: The M40A1 sniper rifle is based on the Remington model 700.  It is a heavy barrel, bolt action, magazine fed 7.62mm rifle that is optimized for accuracy with Match Grade ammunition.  The rifle is equipped with a special 10 power Unertl sniper scope.  With scope, the rifle weighs approximately 14.5 pounds.  It is equipped with a built-in five round magazine.  This weapon is hand-made by specially trained and qualified armorers at
Quantico, Virginia.

Unique characteristics: The M40A1 Sniper Rifle has a commercial competition-grade heavy barrel, McMillan fiberglass stock and butt pad, modified Winchester Model 70 floorplate and trigger guard, and modified and lightened trigger.  In addition, each stock is epoxy bedded for accuracy and all weapons must shoot less than one minute of angle (MOA).

Background: The M40A1 was put into service in the 1970s to meet the need of a long range sniper rifle.  Each rifle is hand built by specially trained and qualified personnel at the Marine Corps Marksmanship Training Unit (MTU) at Quantico, Virginia.

The colors within the poster are vivid.  The poster would look spectacular framed and displayed within the home of any Marine.

The poster will ship in a very strong mailing tube.  Delivery confirmation is included in the price of shipping.