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  • Magazine Pouch - 3/30 - AR15 Type - USGI New


    These are genuine USGI magazine pouches.  They are new and never issued.

    • Designed to hold three 30 round M16 magazine vertically
    • Also features two side pockets with snap closure straps to hold a fragmentation grenades
    • Attaches with two standard ALICE slide lock keepers on back
    • Olive drab green in color

    "If you want to protect your expensive AR type magazines these are the pouches for you.  In competitive shooting, where quick access to magazines is vital during the rapid fire string, simply bend the cover flap back and tuck it in.  That is what we did in the Marines.  Not sure what you'll use the frag pockets for but they can be easily and neatly removed if desired."  Major Ted Tedesco USMC (Retired) & Owner - Survival Center Online´╗┐