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  • Holster, Shoulder, Leather - USGI New


    This is a genuine USGI shoulder holster.  It can be worn several different ways to include as a shoulder holster or a waist holster.  Usually worn by armor crewmen.

    • Embossed black or tan leather with metal clip and buckles
    • Includes holster, waist strap, shoulder strap, shoulder pad, leather ties, two buckles and clip
    • Right handed
    • Designed to fit both the 1911 and M9 Beretta

    "This is the exact same holster that I began wearing in the 1970's.  A great piece of gear.  When you take off your web gear you are still in possession of your weapon as this is worn independently of any other gear."  Major Ted Tedesco USMC (Retired) & Owner - Survival Center Online