Tough Survival Gear for Tough Men and Women

Hammock, Olive Drab, 1 Person


Carry in your pack and always have with you so you will not be sleeping on the ground. This hammock does NOT have a spreader bar at each end and that is a good thing. Spreaders bars make the hammock heavier and more difficult to carry and more likely that you will fall out.  This hammock can literally be carried in your trousers cargo pocket.

  • Olive Drab Nylon
  • 84" long / 20' total length
  • Supports 880 pounds
  • Weighs 1.5 pounds

"A must have piece of gear if you want to sleep dry and off the ground.  Just put your sleeping bag on this hammock and cover your self with a poncho and you will sleep dry. The open mesh allows any water that works its way past the poncho to pass right through and not crate a puddle.  Beware of cheap imitations that will fail at the worst possible time, usually about 0100 during a rain storm."  Major Ted Tedesco USMC (Retired) & Owner - Survival Center Online