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  • Glove Inserts, Cold Weather, Medium - USGI New


    Cold Weather Glove Inserts can be worn alone of with the leather outer shells which are sold separately.  The are 100% wool and will greatly improve the warmth of the hands in a cold environment.  Only available in Size Medium.

    • 100% wool
    • May be worn alone or in a leather outer shell (purchased separately)
    • Color is gray

    "This is a good, solid item.  The wool construction is what you want as it is the warmest natural fiber and will retain heat even when wet.  I usually kept a pair of the inserts in my ass pack to be worn without the leather outer shells.  Unlike most gloves, a weapon can still be operated while wearing them."  Major Ted Tedesco USMC (Retired) & Owner - Survival Center Online´╗┐